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Guide to successfully recruiting online

Recruiting candidates online makes recruitment process simpler and finding candidates quicker,cheaper and more efficient.

What are the advantages of advertising jobs online?

There are many benefits to advertising jobs online on a job boards

Posting a job online to reputable job board is usually costs just a couple of hundred pounds, compared to advertising a job in a newspaper or magazine or hiring a recruitment agency to find skilled workers for your organization which could cost you few thousand pounds.

Posting a job is quick. A job vacancy can be added to a job site by almost anyone who has Internet access. A job could be posted on the job site in the morning, the first applications from candidates could arrive by lunchtime and potentially interviewed by the end of the day.

Posting online job offers great reach to desired audience. Traditional methods of advertising face some major limitations in comparison to online recruitment. For example, the success of a vacancy advertisement in a local or national newspaper depends on the right people looking at your ad on that particular page in that particular issue. Online recruitment is different – candidates can search and apply for jobs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Access is global and adverts can stay online for longer.

Search CV databases. Searching CV databases is a simple way of tapping into a resource of candidates who are actively seeking new opportunities. You can target your search criteria so you find the CV’s you want and can set up email alerts so CV’s are delivered to your inbox as they are posted.

It’s easy. All the instructions on how to advertise a job online are displayed in an easy to follow format. Most of the time all you need is a job description and a credit card!

The reason online recruitment or e-recruitment can deliver such great benefits is because of its unrivaled flexibility in comparison to traditional print methods and its reduction in cost per hire.

Another advantage of online recruitment is that unlike with newspapers, if you are unhappy with the response rate it is quick and easy to make amendments to the advert.

Why advertise online?

96% of IT professionals use the Internet to search and apply for jobs.
Online recruitment in United States attracted 56.3 million job seekers in Q1 2007.

Online recruitment advertising is growing on average by 20% annually

To get better ROI (Return on Investment) and deliver a successful online recruitment campaign, all you need to do is:

Choose a job site
Write the job advert and post online
Receive CV’s straight to your inbox
Screen and reply to applicants
Arrange interviews
Writing the text or ‘copy’ for your job advert is the most important element of the recruitment process. It is not only through this text that job seekers will find your job but will also encourage them to apply for it. Your job advertisement is a sales tool and should be written as one. Sell the job, sell the salary and benefits and importantly sell the company!

Benefits of advertising on

It cost only $145 for one job posting.

Vacancy is live immediately and (stays active for  for 30 days)

Reduces your cost per hire over traditional advertising.

Jobs are also posted free, on your behalf, to other popular partner job sites.

Jobs distributed via email job alerts to relevant candidates.

Significant marketing to attract IT and Technical candidates.

Applications emailed directly to you immediately with a resume.

Access to the Jobsfortechies Candidate Management Portal.

Resume database search available.


Advertising IT Jobs and Engineering Jobs on  is easy, affordable and convenient.