Excellent source for big data and application development jobs. Easy to use, easy to post and search. We get more targeted candidates from itwizjobs than from other job boards.

Sr. Technical Recruiter
Netpixel Technology


We used an agency to try and help fill these positions too, but got more AND better results from ITwiz.com job board.

Talent Acquisition Manager
Silicon Software Inc


ITwizjobs.com is the most on-target IT job board that our firm uses. The search agents are great, the site is easy to use and most importantly, we find the candidates that we need to fill our open positions. Other job boards are too broad, too big. ITwizjobs’s niche strategy meshes so well with our niche recruiting area. A win-win for everybody

Sr. Technical Recruiter
StaffingRight Associates


We Filled two positions within 1 month of Posting jobs on ITwizjobs

HR Recruitment Specialist
L&T Infotech